Resident Evil 6: Capcom's 'largest-scale production' ever

And the most ambitious game in the series, says exec producer

Capcom's hype train rumbles on in overdrive as the firm declares Resident Evil 6 its "largest-scale production" ever.


The game's exec producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi said that Capcom has around 150 people working on the game within Japan, and over 600 employees in total around the world involved in the title to some degree.

The game was revealed last week with a tantalising trailer featuring a mix of slow horror and fast-paced action more akin to games like Gears of War.

Capcom's not ready to release any details beyond what we could eek out with our in-depth trailer analysis, but it has released a video (thanks EG) with words from the game's top-level devs, seemingly showed to attendees of Capcom's Fright Club event where it debuted the trailer.

Here's that video:

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[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]