5 best boss fights ever

A few of unforgettable video game adversaries...

Boss battles are very hit and miss. A rubbish boss fight is the bane of every gamer, and usually end up being either frustrating or just downright boring.

A great boss fight however can send a game soaring to the highest echelon of gaming brilliance. Here are five of our favourites bosses that we love to lay the smack down on...

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The End - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


For those who don't know, The End was an extremely old man - estimated to be over 100 years old. He carried a pet parrot with him and he looked more likely to die in his sleep than in an epic showdown with a genetically engineered soldier.

Don't be fooled though, The End was a veteran of countless wars between his birth in the 1860s up until his fight with Snake in 1964. He was considered the world's greatest sniper and dubbed "The father of modern sniping" since developing a number of sniping techniques. He never required a spotter and he could lay in wait for days and even weeks at a time without food or water. The End possessed the unnatural ability to photosynthesise, presumably after his mum got off with a hedge.

So you can probably gather already that this wasn't your typical boss fight of 'shoot until it keels over and dies'/'shoot the glowing weak spots until it dies'/'dodge then shoot it in the back until it dies'. No, this was a pure man on man (or Snake on old man dressed as a hedge) duel to the death. You might have the fastest trigger finger but that wouldn't mean jack if you couldn't scout out the sniper to begin with.

What made this boss fight great was just the sheer wealth of ways to play it out. The first move was to actually locate The End, and this could be achieved by simply looking around for the glint of his rifle or using the binoculars to try and spot him amongst the grass; or by pulling out the directional microphone and if pointed in the correct direction, you would hear The End breathing.

You could just search each of the three areas in which the fight took place as well - and if you were good enough - you could sneak up behind The End in his hiding spot and place a few slugs in his noggin, though the old man was always quick to drop a flash grenade a leg it away from Snake to a different hiding spot. You could also kill The End's parrot, which would give him a harder time locating you, but it would make him fight more aggressively.

Possibly the best thing about this boss fight though is that it didn't have to take place at all. It was possible to snipe him at an earlier point in the game and have his boss fight replaced by a load of guards in the battle area. Also, using the PS2s internal clock, players could save the game during the fight and load it up a week later to find that The End had died of old age. Genius.

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