God of War 4: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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There's that rumour going around that God of War 4 will feature co-op. Supposedly it'll see Kratos and his dead brother Deimos teaming up to escape the afterlife.

Imagine if that was you in the background shooting fire out of your face

Teaming up to slay Gods would be great fun and we'd love some double team quick time events where two people are hitting buttons in a tug-of-war to a head off, or have one of us gouge out a God's eye while the other jabs it in the butt with his blade. It would be just like Mario Party, except a little less disturbing.

We imagine taking on a gigantic adversary with the help of a partner would be one of those amazing moments in gaming where - just having overcome insurmountable odds - we turn to our buddy, and our buddy turns to us; and we look at each other longingly before the silence is broken with "high five!," we might even actually give each other a high five too.

The game would have to support split-screen for this event to actually take place though. It would be a monumental shame if it didn't.

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