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CVG: Comments of the Week

"They should call it the PNES (Powerful Nintendo Entertainment System)"

Another week, another host of insightful and humourous comments by you wonderful readers. Here's our pick of the top posts that made us think, laugh, or a bit of both...

Capcom typo on 'Resident Evil: Revelaitons'

flash501 won't stand for such negligence.

"or is it just that they've released a dyslexic edition? "out now on Nintedno D3S" "
shellster2 reveals Nintendo's next naming strategy. Speaking of which...

Nintendo considering renaming Wii U

They should call it the PNES (Powerful Nintendo Entertainment System)
sniper789 has big plans to help Nintendo thrust into the next gen.

if it is going to stream then call it Nintendo stream
Even better, to tie it in with the previous console, how about "Nintendo Wii Stream"?
Tao believes consistency is key when it comes to Wii

Nintendo Ultra Tablet System: Nuts for short.
rbt2 keeps the ideas flowing.

People today love soppy shite so I think they should call it the "Wii-wuv-U"!
And it should be in the shape of a loveheart.
And Pink.

flash501 has the perfect way to get those core gamers back on board.

How about a 'Wii've run out of inspiration'?
Legendeer takes a shot at lazy name games.

Xbox 720 rumours to not allow pre-owned games to be played

What if like me son and I have seperate xboxes but share games I buy 2 copies now....???
oOo ZOMBIE oOo shouldn't be punished for sharing with family.

The market will adapt, so too will people and the people who can't afford to buy new all the time, will have to look to other options, how can that be good for the industry?
If the other options are those digital rental services I mentioned, then it'd be good because it would be paying into the industry.
One good point among many Beemoh: the removal of used-game support will certainly cause waves, one way or another.

Xbox 720 support blu-ray, but may not play used games

If that anti-used game system is true, then Microsoft can absolutely, positively, unequivocally, sod off.
Well said, JD_Method.

Everyone's moaning about the used games feature but I'm all about..

dicky1993 doesn't like change...

Well I heard that it will use cartridges and ONLY play used games.
Keep an eye out for Xbox64 announcements, KippDynamite.

Iphone 5 with 4-inch display expected this summer

With just 4 inches I wouldn't expect them to spill anything!
Future Mrs Carr thinks size does matter.

This year's Assassin's Creed will be 'biggest yet'

hi0marc: who needs videogames anyway?

MW3 Elite DLC locked to one user

I hope you persevere and get compensated. Say you got whiplash while you were on the phone too!
verynaughtyboy provides some legal advise to a fellow comment poster.

Is Rocksteady's next game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

That sound you just heard was my heart breaking trough my chest, highfiving the dragon god, traveling back in time to punch Stalin in the face, then returning to bring me back to life.
If there isn't a PC version, I will end the world.

Unacomn is remaining calm about the whole thing for the time being.

Turtlely Amazing if true.
Oh dear, only_777.

I'm shell shocked.
Shocking, Djreplay.

I would take a gentleman in the mouth to get this game made. True story.
TheDragonDoji really likes his Ninja Turtles.

Microsoft 360 line-up 'about quality, not quantity'

Is it too much to hope for that you've had Rare working on a Conker's 2, Kameo 2 or a Perfect Dark that wasn't just thrown together though Phil?
Phil, stop running.....PHIL!

I'd take that as a 'no comment', El Mag.

Oh dear oh dear.
Yazoo make the best milkshakes. Any denial to this fact will be met with internet rage, graphs and charts pointing out as to why you're wrong and general laughter in your direction.

bollox, frijj are by far the best, chocolate fudge brownie will slay any Yazoo shakes!!
You're both wrong. Milkshakes are for n00bz. Everyone knows that the 733T drinkzors drink Yop. You shake fanboys.!
jsb115: fueling the flames of console war like never before.