Sony bundles 3G Vita with free memory card, online time

"Extremely limited" launch day bundles offered

Sony of America has revealed plans to reward launch-day 3G Vita buyers with additional treats for their cash.

The firm will be releasing "extremely limited edition" 3G bundles for purchase on launch day - February 22 and "the few days that follow" - which include a free 8GB memory card, a PSN game and an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass for 250GB, along with the 3G Vita itself of course.

All this will come that the same price of $300.

Those who managed to secure a First Edition Bundle Vita - releasing a week early - will also get more than they bargained for, with Sony now throwing in a free PSN game and the DataConnect Session Pass for 250GB - both "provided upon 3G activation". This is in addition to the limited edition case, 4GB PS Vita Memory Card and Little Deviants game already confirmed for the bundle.


Sony made no mention of specific participating retailers.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]