Minecraft menus contain racial slur, dev apologises

Offensive language found in latest snapshot

Thanks to the efforts of one "hilarious" prankster, Mojang has issued a statement today to apologize for an offensive racial slur that found its way into the latest Minecraft snapshot release.


After installing the new update gamers who changed the game's language to Afrikaans discovered the offensive statement (pictured below if you're curious) would appear on the main menu where it should read 'Single Player', or "enkelspeler".

"In these snapshots there are about 50 language files translated by the community, and it happens that they are ruined by pranksters," Mojang explained in a statement to Kotaku.

"Players are quick to find and fix these, so they are removed in the next snapshot," he added.

Luckily, snapshot builds are openly available but aren't pushed to all five million of the game's users, so it shouldn't be too widespread.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]