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Vita demo units appear at Best Buy stores

But call before you rush out

Fancy a go on a PlayStation Vita? According to reports, demo units have begun appearing in Best Buy store in US.


Destructoid says that a store in Connecticut has a pair of Vita units strapped to the bodies of employees, who are allowing curious gamers to get their sweaty mitts all over their glossy touch screens.

The machines are apparently equipped with 4GB memory cards and copies of Little Deviants. No Uncharted, soz.

These demo units, however, don't appear to be widespread - this Vegas-based writer checked in with local Best Buy stores and got nothing but confused mumbles and oblivious dismissals. There are no Vitas in Vegas, it seems.

But there might be one at your local store - give them a call (and begin by explaining to them what a Vita actually is, FFS) before you Sonic-sprint out the front door.

UK gamers eager to sample PS Vita before its release will be able to try out the new handheld at any one of GAME and Gamestation's 600 specialist retail stores nationwide.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]