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Trials Evolution: Developer denies involvement in leak

Unfinished version appears on torrent sites, but RedLynx denies involvement.

An unfinished copy of Trials Evolution has shown up on torrent sites this weekend, but given its past record, RedLynx is adamant it had nothing to do with the leak this time.

Studio CEO Tero Virtala had previously made the shocking confession of leaking Trials 2 SE to leading P2P sites themselves as a publicity ploy.

However, he's told Develop that he doesn't know where the leak for Evolution came from and has no intention of repeating old tricks.


"We want to be clear that [leaking Trials Evolution] is not something we did ourselves," Virtala said.

He has since explained that Trials 2 SE was "a different project for a different market and in a different time," and wants to emphasise that those who pirate Trials Evolution will be missing out on the key experiences of the game.

"Trials Evolution is a game that makes full use of being continuously connected. Leader boards, friend challenges, online multiplayer and global track sharing are all integral parts of the game that cannot be experienced before launch"

He added: "We're continuing to polish and finish up the game, and we'll have a new trailer coming soon."

Expected this summer for XBLA, Trials Evolution is the first game produced since being bought by Ubisoft last November.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]