Wii U hardware 'changing constantly', claims Team Ninja

Next-gen development 'very easy' and 'like PS3/360'

The Wii U hardware is currently changing "constantly," Ninja Gaiden 3 developer, Team Ninja has claimed.


Speaking in an interview with Nintendo Gamer, Team Ninja's Fumihiko Yasuda and Yosuke Hayashi broke the industry-wide silence on Nintendo's next-gen console, claiming its "very easy to develop for... We're finding it very similar to develop for Wii U as for Xbox 360 and PS3."

"They've asked us what we would want from the hardware, and when we give them feedback we can see that they're definitely listening to it and making changes," said Hayashi. "The hardware is still constantly changing."

Yasuda added: "The Wii U's touch control is like the Nintendo DS's. We released a Ninja Gaiden game, Dragon Sword, on DS, so we want to introduce some elements from that into the Wii U version [of Ninja Gaiden 3]."

Team Ninja's comments of course back up those of Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, who claimed earlier this month that the Wii U hardware has 'advanced since E3'.

He said: "What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer. We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities. It isn't something like Kinect or similar accessories, it's something different."

Recent reports claimed the Wii U hardware is twice as powerful as the Xbox 360.

One new feature already revealed for the console is NFC technology, which allows users to read and write data wirelessly, in a similar way to how Activision's Skylanders action figures interact with the 'Portal of Power' reading device.

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