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Hybrid: 5th Cell's jetpack shooter gets trailer, new info

A year's delay brings new gameplay mechanics to the XBLA title

After a year in hiding, Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell's first 3D game, Hybrid, has re-emerged with a new trailer and gameplay info.


The title was revealed early last year for Xbox Live Arcade, showing players flying around 3D levels with jectpacks, shooting enemies at every angle.

But the game was later delayed a year into 2012 apparently to allow the dev team to "take what [it has] learned and really drill down on our ideas to hopefully transform this game into something great".

A year of extra development has resulted in some significant changes, including a new look with redesigned characters, new controls and gameplay mechanics and persistent online 'world war' that player leap in and out of.

Below is the bullet-point list of new features straight from 5th Cell, with a new trailer at the bottom showing all that off.

-Revamped flight-centric combat focused movement
-New look with redesigned characters, detailed environments, polished interface
-Locked at 60FPS at 720p
-Reveal of the world map and persistent online world war
-Deep customization, available on the fly

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