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Hands-on: Ubisoft's 'mixed bag' Vita launch line-up

Rayman, Lumines and Jacko provide the highlights

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Asphalt: Injection

The first thing that came to mind when we fired up Asphalt: Injection for the PS Vita was that Asphalt had been a launch title for the appalling Nokia N-Gage. It wasn't any cop then - nor, sadly, is it now, even on what represents the state of the handheld console art.


As with previous iterations of Asphalt (again designed for mobile phones and upscaled to handhelds), it provides racing at its most bog-standard and humdrum. There are boost pick-ups and money to collect; when you completely fill your boost gauge and hit the right bumper, you get an Adrenaline mega-boost with an accompanying night-time-style visual effect.

There are short-cuts, elimination and Timed modes and you get to drive a virtual Mini Coupe. The handling doesn't quite give you such a pronounced feeling of floating above the tarmac as previous versions, but it's still pretty ropey. You rarely need to brake, at least in the earlier stages. There are 15 tracks, each set in a different city (including New York, Monte Carlo and Reykjavik).

Frankly, you'd have to be desperately addicted to driving games to buy this (unless it ends up being particularly cheap). Particularly when the likes of Codemasters' F1 2011 and WipEout 2048 are PS Vita launch titles.

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