Rift Lite offers first 20 levels for free

New MMO trial launches alongside patch 1.7

Trion Worlds has launched Rift Lite, a version of MMO Rift offering users free, unrestricted play up to level 20.


Rift Lite debuts today as part of the game's latest patch, Carnival of the Ascended, which is detailed below.

Executive producer Scott Hartsman said: "In the past ten months, Rift has evolved at a breakneck pace, through seven massive updates that set new expectations for live MMOs, in features, in content, and in service.

"We think a Lite edition with no time limit is the best way for players to see what an amazing experience Rift continues to be."

Rift Carnival of the Ascended features:

  • PvP Improvements - Smoother advancement and better rewards
  • Ascended Weddings - Share eternity with your soulmate, Telara-style
  • River of Souls Chronicle - Undead adventure for two
  • New Master Mode Dungeon - Caduceus Rise
  • Expert Dungeon Overhaul - More options, better loot!
  • Better Endgame Equipment - Improved loot for your endgame Ascended

Rift Lite brings to mind a similar initiative launched by Blizzard last June, when the developer introduced free World of Warcraft play up to level 20.

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