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Star Wars: Old Republic the 'fastest-growing MMO in history'

Over two-million sold in first month of release

Star Wars: The Old Republic has sold through 2 million copies since its December launch, EA has confirmed.


The MMO has 1.7 million active subscribers playing around four hours a day.

The remaining 300,000 owners have either not played or "opted out", says EA.

This "makes Star Wars: The Old Republic the fastest-growing subscription MMO in history", boasted the publisher during a financial call today.

EA's chief financial officer Eric Brown said during the call that the BioWare-developed MMO was "more successful than we anticipated", and server stability also exceeded expectations.

The publisher also pointed out that the game's massive sales have not been reflected in recent sales reports because 40 percent of the game's 2 million sales were sold digitally through Origin, which are not tracked by third-party sales data firms.