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Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Zombies Ate My Neighbours is a cult SNES/Mega Drive classic that was praised by critics for its tongue-in-cheek humour, colourful and detailed art style, soundtrack and two player co-op mode.

The game saw either Zeke and/or Julie saving their neighbours from the zombie apocalypse by fighting off the undead fiends with such devastating weaponry as water pistols, silverware, dishes and soda can grenades. Bazookas could also be wielded to blow apart doors if you couldn't find the key. Deadly stuff.


Zombies weren't the only threat in this game though. In a throwback to the rubbish monster movies of the 50s and 60s, Zombies Ate My Neighbours also included vampires; werewolves; alien; UFOs; giant ants; worms; blobs; evil dolls; squid-men; and even huge demonic babies. Hows that for special enemy types?

The game boasted 55 levels of monster slaying action across a range of varied environments such as the suburban neighbourhood, shopping malls (how original), pyramids, haunted castles and more. Around the halfway point it became stupidly hard too, but that's just how games did would give players bang for their buck back in those days. Cruel but effective.

If you never played this classic it's available on the Wii's Virtual Console and we highly recommend it. A film was announced in 2011 too, though we'd be lying if we said we had any hope for it.

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