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5 best zombie games ever

Everyday they're shuffling...

Zombies have been around just as long as video games, if not longer. So it was only a matter of time really before the living dead showed up on gaming systems.

Our internet digging leads us to believe the first title to feature shuffling brain munchers was 'Zombie Zombie', which released for ZX Spectrum in 1984. Though back then, they were mostly lumps of green in ugly, grey landscapes than detailed rotting zombies.

Fortunately modern technology has been more than able to do the zombie justice. Titles centered around the groaning menace have always been floating around, but their popularity has exploded in recent years and we're now seeing zombies appear in all sorts of games.

Red Dead Redemption most notably had the Undead Nightmare DLC which populated the word with the undead and introduced a whole new story. Sega's fantastic Yakuza series has also become infected, and its zombie spin-off will be released here in Europe in March.

There's plenty of great zombie games out there, and we couldn't possibly get them all on this list, so we'll take the opportunity to give out some quick honourable mentions to Dead Island, Stubbs the Zombie, They Hunger and Project Zomboid.

As always, tell us your favourites in the comments below. Without further ado, let's jump in to our list of the top five zombie games...

Left 4 Dead 2

Although we preferred the first game for its darker settings, interesting level design and cast of survivors, Valve has released the original campaigns and survivors for L4D2 so it comes out on top as a better overall package.

What's great about Valve's take on the zombie shooter is the strong focus on teamwork and cooperation. The AI director actually throws more special infected at lone survivors, meaning that wandering off from the group will lead to death quicker than you can say "Pills here!"


On top of that Left 4 Dead shows us that if a zombie apocalypse should come to pass most of the human race would be royally buggered (that'll be the portion that doesn't play Valve games). The infected just never stop coming, and they swarm you en mass before you can even think about defending yourself. They can't be bargained with. They can not be reasoned with...

Left 4 Dead is all about the breakneck speed, overcoming the odds and making that one last ditch scramble for the safe room. It's intense, exhilarating, and by Jove we'll see peace back on Earth if we have to murder every one of these mindless monstrosities with our bare hands!

Now if only Louis would stop pinching our pills.

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