Take-Two well prepared for 'challenging' next-gen transition

Strong IP and finances have GTA household 'well positioned' for the move

Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick has said that the firm is positioned strongly for the 'challenges' of the transition to next-generation consoles.


"When these platform transitions occur, the strong become stronger and the weak go away," said Zelnick during a financials call today, highlighting a likely decline in current-gen software sales as the new consoles are announced.

He also notes that new platforms "have low install bases in the beginning," which poses further challenge to publishers. "So we have to be thoughtful about how we manage our portfolio, and we and all our competitors are thinking about it," he said.

"It's a little pre-mature because it's early days yet, but it is something that we're being very thoughtful about."

For some, the next-gen leap needn't happen yet, for others it couldn't come soon enough. Either way, Zelnick says Take-Two is in a strong position for whatever comes.

"From a financial position the company has never been in better shape to invest, and from an intellectual property position the company has never had more important franchises than we have now," said Zelnick.

That, along with having "the very best development talent in the business bar none", is why Zelnick thinks "we're as well positioned as anyone could be" for the "challenges" of next-gen.