Resident Evil 6: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Ever since the announcement of Resident Evil 6 our minds have been awash with ideas for what we'd like to see in the next installment of the storied survival-horror franchise.

Well, that's a bit of porkie, our minds have been awash with ideas since we finished up the crippling disappointing previous entry, but moreso since the announcement.

So - as always - we've suck a few of our ideas in the list below. If we're honest they're not terribly original, in fact we're willing to bet someone else's life savings that most Resident Evil fans have the exact same requests for the next game. We just thought we'd do our due diligence and commit them to the internet. If only so we can act like know it alls should RE6 disappoint...

Here's our list. Don't forget to give us your ideas in the comments below...


Believe it or not Resident Evil used to have puzzles, you wouldn't think so after Resident Evil 5. There was that bit where you had to redirect lasers with mirrors, but the only challenge there was trying to get Sheva to move her dumb arse out of the way so she didn't catch fire, and does pulling a statue simultaneously with your partner really count as a puzzle? We think not.

WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN GOING ON HERE? We want more of this!

No more screwing around with key hunts, we want proper, head-scratcher puzzles. Lock us in a room, give a cryptic riddle and let us push stuff around and press buttons until something clicks. We just want something to break up the action from time to time. Resident Evil shouldn't be a mindless, linear shoot 'em up. We've got plenty of other games giving us that.

Unfortunately, the trailer suggests that the pace of the new game will be similar to Resi 5 - no time to take a breather and solve a puzzle or two then. Though we can't really blame them. Resident Evil 5 was the best selling entry in the series so it makes sense from a business standpoint for Capcom to take a more action orientated approach to the next game. It's just a shame that it's at the expense of what made the game memorable.

But there's always a chance we'll get some decent puzzles amongst all the heroic baseball slides. Fingers crossed.

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