BioWare: Keep your Mass Effect 3 saves, just in case

More encouraging words for those fearing the end of Mass Effect

Having been one of the best franchises of this console generation, it might worry you that Mass Effect 3 will bring the story to an end. Or will it?


BioWare's Mike Gamble has told GamerZines that players should probably hold onto their Mass Effect 3 save files, because you never know what may come in future.

"Obviously I can't say anything, but it wouldn't be a bad idea," he said.

Mass Effect 2 and 3, as fans know, load up save files from their predecessors in the series to carry forward the affects of decisions and events that took place as you played through them. So holding onto your ME3 save file could come in handy for an as yet 'unplanned' future release.

As reported earlier today, BioWare claims it hasn't made a decision on Mass Effect's future beyond the third title's release in March, but it says it wouldn't be short of ideas if it does opt to create a follow-up.

[ SOURCE: Gamerzines ]