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FFXIV getting its 'biggest patch yet' this month

Square pressing on in its mission to turn around its bumpy MMO

Square is gearing up to release the "biggest patch yet" for its troubled MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.


The huge list of content in update version 1.21 includes numerous gameplay tweaks, changes and additions that should help to right the wrongs of the widely panned title.

Changes include "the addition of seven classic jobs, their related abilities and artifact gear, two new instanced raids, private player residences, a cutscene replay feature, Chocobo armor, a reworking of crowd control, adjustments to classes, revisions to how spell-casting works, changes to food and medicine effects and recipes" and more.

FFXI fans will be particularly pleased with the addition of the classic jobs, which include Paladin, Warrior, Monk, Dragoon, Bard, Black Mage and White Mage.

"We're pushing really hard for an end-of-February release," says a rep on the official page.

The full changelog is through the source link below, all laid out in a nice neat table for your browsing convenience.

There are also details of plans to merge servers and other future 2.0 update plans.

Square began charging for subscriptions to the MMO last month for the first time since its release.

[ SOURCE: Square Enix ]