Xbox Live policy boss resigns

Stephen Toulouse leaves Microsoft after 18 years, 'is positive'

Xbox Live's director of policy and enforcement, Stephen Toulouse has resigned from his position at Microsoft after 18 years at the company, he's confirmed.


Toulouse, who will leave the Xbox firm on February 15 and admits to not knowing what he'll do next, revealed the news on his personal blog.

"Despite the wonderful ability in Microsoft to change careers pretty dramatically inside the company, I've been there nearly 18 years and it's the only world I've ever known," he wrote. "I feel too strangely comfortable, and too strangely tied.

"I want to make sure I am clear: this is a positive thing. I have nothing but confidence in the future of Microsoft and specifically Xbox and Xbox Live. I have enormous gratitude for my time there."

Good luck for whatever you decide to do next, Stephen.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]