Black Ops 2: The biggest rumours analysed

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Black Ops 2 will come to Wii U and PS Vita

Having established that Black Ops 2 will be making its way onto a new console - that is, one on which it has never previously appeared - and concluded that it's perhaps going to come out a year too early for the Xbox 720 and PS4, what could that console be?

Well, it could be one - or both - of two consoles which are definitely going to appear this year: Sony's PS Vita and Nintendo's Wii U.


Given that Activision's top man Bobby Kotick has sung the praises of both consoles, we can reasonably look forward to both playing our favourite fps on the move for the first time in its full glory on the PS Vita (with cross-platform multiplayer against the PS3, anyone?) and the Wii U. Which, of course, will be Nintendo's first console in decades that isn't at a massive power disadvantagein comparison with its competitors.

Likelihood: 4/5

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