Darkness 2 guide: Get the best weapons, fast powers and secret minigames...

Guide: Better. Bloodier. More bad ass.

By now, you should have read our Darkness 2 review, a game so gloriously bloody that even the grizzled gaming vets in the CVG office were puckering up when Jackie Estacado pulled out the Assecution.

With the game out here on Friday, why not give yourself a head start with this perfectly-timed tips guide. Read on for how to beat the game faster and see everything it has to offer along the way...

Unlock Talents quicker

The first Talent you unlock is the ability to eat the hearts of your fallen enemies, which gives you a useful health boost. Do this whenever possible, not just when your health bar is looking a bit depleted: you acquire Essence at the same time, and it can be saved up to purchase new Talents, faster.


Buy The Black Hole First

There are a ton of different Talents to buy, but concentrate on unlocking the Black Hole first (it's brilliantly efficient at clearing rooms) and then move onto the different executions, focusing on ones that will increase ammo, provide a shield and boost the recharge speed of your powers.


Collect The Relics

The pause menu tells you how many Relics are available and how many have been found already in the current mission section. Each one unlocks a story narrated by Johnny Powell in the Relics menu, and - more importantly - also provides a 300 Essence boost to purchase extra Talents.

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