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Xbox 720 pre-owned games block 'would be fantastic,' says dev

'Gamers will grow to understand it won't kill them,' claims THQ designer

The next Xbox's rumoured move to block used games would be "a fantastic change for our business," says Volition designer Jameson Durall.

Writing via the AltDevBlog, the Red Faction: Armageddon man claims the general public don't appreciate how much pre-owned game sales are hurting developers, and welcomes rumours that the Xbox 720 could introduce a platform-wide online pass system - throttling the pre-owned market.


"There's another big rumor about the next Xbox console that could really start to shake things up... it won't play used games at all," Durall writes.

"Personally I think this would be a fantastic change for our business and even though the consumers would be up in arms about it at first... they will grow to understand why and that it won't kill them."

He adds: "The system is already there for Microsoft, all they'd have to do is use the DLC and codes model they have to tie a game to your Xbox live account.

"Each retail disc would likely need that unique key somewhere in the code so the account would be able to link it properly. Ideally it would tie a full version to the console it is registered on so family members can play even if the main account isn't signed in, but this is exactly how their model works now anyway."

The designer admits the proposed system would have faults, but goes on to suggest issues such as game rental and lending games to friends could be ironed out by Microsoft.

"I could see Microsoft implementing their own rental service which would maybe give them a code that activates the game for X days and they are charged a small amount," he says.

"This could work when you borrow the disc from someone or even with digital download of the full version. It would also send a percentage of the rental to the Developer with each rental... likely improving the overall revenue we would receive from it."

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He concludes: "In the end, I fully believe that we have to do something about these issues or our industry is going to fall apart.

"People often don't understand the cost that goes into creating these huge experiences that we put on the shelves for only $60. They also don't seem to realize how much they are hurting us when they buy a used game and how pirating a copy is just plain stealing."

"I know that some will say I'm not considering the retail games stores and the impact something like this would have on them...but remember they were doing fine well before the Used Games market became such a staple of their business.

The truth is, they aren't concerned with how this business is affecting us so why should I care how these changes will affect them?"

Last week THQ CEO Brian Farrell said the seemingly inevitable wave of new consoles represent a "tremendous opportunity" for the publisher.

[ SOURCE: AltDevBlog ]