BF3 PS3 gets voice chat fix patch

VOIP issue finally addressed along with mic setup advice

DICE has finally released a patch for Battlefield 3 to address the voice chat issues PS3 players have been complaining about since launch last year.


The new patch is live now and will be downloaded to your console the next time you fire up the game while connected to the internet.

The developer has also suggested that some of you may be experiencing issues because of your connection setup with Sony's official PS3 Bluetooth headsets, and offers advice on fixing it:

Here's what it says:

If you are using the SLEH-00075 Bluetooth Headset, it must be recognized by your PS3 console by connecting it with a USB cable before play. Once connected, you must also enable the HQ Mode for this headset, which can be found on the XMB in the following location:

->Accessory Settings
->Manage Bluetooth Devices
->Press TRIANGLE on headset
->High Quality Mode

If you still have issues registering the headset, please go back to Accessory Settings->Manage Bluetooth Devices and delete all registered headsets. Once this is done repeat the above steps.

Battlefield 3 players can expect to get the first news on upcoming DLC for the game this week.

Speaking during EA's quarterly conference call last week, and responding to a question regarding the publisher's DLC strategy, vice president of investor relations Peter Ausnit said: "You're going to hear some announcements from us on Battlefield actually as early as next week in an event we've got in New York."

[ SOURCE: Battlefield Blog ]