Sony apologises for PS Store issues

Users unable to access paid-for content, Sony working on it

Sony has acknowledged a new issue with the PlayStation Store that's preventing users from accessing paid-for content.


According to a number of complaints, the PS Store is throwing up error messages when users try to access content they've paid for, and others have found their download history has disappeared.

A Sony rep posted on the official forum in response: "I just wanted to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused so far, and to reaffirm that our engineers are working to get this resolved."

They added: "As soon as we receive an update on the status of this, we will let you know," but offered no ETA on a fix.

This comes after maintenance applied to PSN last week which saw certain aspect of PSN go offline for up to 18 hours. It's unknown if the two events are linked.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]