Darkness 2 review round-up - Overcoming its demons or just lost in the dark?

All the Darkness 2 review scores in one place...

In our Darkness 2 review we call the Digital Extremes sequel a "stylish, violent shooter wrapped up in a touching plot and lovely, graphic-novel visuals.".

Reviews for the shooter sequel have started to crop up online and as always we've collated them into a single handy list below. Here they are:


Official PlayStation Magazine UK: 9/10 - Playing The Darkness II feels like playing a normal shooter with all the cheats turned on...The Darkness II essentially exists in a field of one - no graphic novel has been bought to life in such a deliciously gory manner, with offing goons turned an art form. It's the game your inner darkness has waited years for.
OXM UK: 9/10 - It's one of the best shooter-stories we've seen in years - justifying its own ludicrous nature in interesting and unexpected ways. If the ending didn't feel like such a cop-out, The Darkness II could have been on par with BioShock. As it is, the gripping narrative and wonderfully empowering combat mean you'll be talking about it for months after completing it.
OXM US: 9/10 - The Darkness II's copious gore might upset sensitive stomachs, but it's vastly superior to its predecessor in every respect, spinning a frantic, fantastic neo-noir nightmare you won't want to end. Even those who ordinarily dismiss horror with a shake of the head should give it a shot.
Digital Spy: 4/5 - The Darkness II is a well-presented and engaging horror-themed first-person shooter. The story elements tread a delicate balance between the usual mobster clichés, yet the quality of the writing ensures that the game never becomes overbearing. Its also admirable that the campaign is utterly linear yet also hugely engrossing. The short length of the single-player campaign is a shame and the Vendettas co-op mode is not a total success, but The Darkness II offers a thrilling comic book adventure that improves on its predecessor in every way.
G4: 4/5 - Despite the anticlimactic ending, shoddy boss fights, and lackluster multiplayer, The Darkness 2 is an extremely impressive game. It oozes style, packs an emotional punch, and manages to be effectively balance bombastic violence with understated character development, ensuring that when the Darkness is unleashed you care. Just as Jackie finds himself a puppet of the Darkness's will, I found myself unable to give up its seductive allure when the end credits rolled after a scant nine hours. Instead, I started straight away on new game.
IGN: 8.0./10 - Despite some problems with polish and a story that takes time to develop into something great, The Darkness II ends up as an early treat in the new year. The narrative elements help the pacing considerably, breaking up Jackie's engaging and brutal murderfests. It may not end up being the best shooter of 2012, but it could very well be the one that makes you feel the most powerful.
The Guardian: 4/5 - Digital Extremes deserves credit for delivering an action-packed shooter that balances its mixture of gunplay and superpowers far better than its predecessor ever did - even if those powers will inevitably conspire to turn the game's protagonist into a monster and wreck his entire life...
Strategy Informer: 7.5/10 - Despite its short-length, bland level design and forgettable bosses, The Darkness II is a thoroughly entertaining blast from start to finish. Who knew dismembering hordes of enemies would be such a guilty pleasure?
VideoGamer: 7/10 - In taking the core of Starbreeze's original and making it their own, Digital Extremes has established itself as a decent steward for a shooter franchise that deserves to continue. It's a promising start, but the game's commendable mechanics are matched by numerous wonky moments, an awkward cast of characters and some wearying repetition. The Darkness II has plenty of heart, but it needs more soul.
Eurogamer: 7/10 - After years of chest-beating military domination, the FPS genre is starting to show signs of life in more eccentric ways. Everything old is new again, so by concentrating on character, story and giddy comic-book excess, The Darkness 2 is a more compelling offering in 2012 than it would have been in 2008. It may be little more than a gore-soaked custard slice on the great gaming buffet table, but it's a guilty pleasure worth tasting all the same.
GameSpot: 7.0/10 - The Darkness II is not the revelation its predecessor was, but ripping up occultists with your demon arms is a blast anyway.
1UP: B - I'm impressed by the effort on the part of Digital Extremes to deliver a satisfying sequel that builds on the ideas of the first game. Jackie's empowering abilities encourage players to experiment and try different tactics, and ultimately allow every player to discover combat techniques that they think work best.