Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning guide: Essential tips for dominating Amalur

UPDATE: New and extended Kingdoms of Amalur guides, tips and cheats

As you would have already seen in our Kingdoms of Amalur review, we're mightily impressed by the debut effort from 38 Studios. But it's a big game with huge challenges - so why not make your life easier with this essential beginner's guide to getting ahead faster in Amalur's 50-hour world...

Fill Up Your Fate Meter Faster

By mixing different combat styles you can fill your Fate Meter much faster than by repeating the same attacks. Try to combine melee attacks, archery and magic in the same sequence for the biggest boost - and once your Fate Meter is full you can enter Reckoning Mode to inflict massive, extra damage.


For maximum impact ensure all your foes are unravelling before you execute Fateshift to finish them off. Be ready for the QTE when you Fateshift and hammer the relevant button to end with a +100% XP bonus.

You can upgrade your Weaponry abilities (on the left hand side of the abilities screens) to unlock new combo attacks, and by increasing those abilities to level 3 you will receive bonus Fate when using the combo attacks. If you're entering a dangerous area or know a large enemy is nearby, keep your Fate meter full as a well timed Reckoning Mode can be used to defeat the toughest foes with relative ease.

Get The Best Skills and Abilities Earlier

When you earn enough XP to level up, you are presented with nine different Skills you can improve. We recommend you initially focus on upgrading Detect Hidden to find more loot, Alchemy to harvest ingredients and Mercantile to improve prices and recover gold from items you scrap. When levelling up Abilities, increase your Longbow Mastery early so you have a decent ranged attack, then work on improving the melee combat for your chosen weapon.


Nail The Melee Combat Instantly

Holding down the block button during combat provides protection against enemies. However, get the timing right and block just as an enemy attacks and you'll perform a parry move, briefly stunning your foe and leaving them vulnerable to counter attack. Look up combos for your chosen weapons in the combat menu to increase the damage you dish out, even more of which can be unlocked as you level up your Abilities. When facing larger enemies use evasive rolls to avoid their attacks then quickly follow up with combos to make light work of them.

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