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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning guide: Essential tips for dominating Amalur

UPDATE: New and extended Kingdoms of Amalur guides, tips and cheats

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Get Rich Quicker

The trick to earning gold fast is to loot everything you see. Keep an eye out for glowing chests as you travel through areas and grab their contents and, if you've improved the Detect Hidden Skill, you'll see chest symbols appear on the minimap, which will lead you to secret stashes and increase your booty. Smashing wooden crates and barrels will often yield extra gold coins as well which all add up over time.


Pay regular visits to Merchants to sell any unwanted or superfluous items and watch the gold roll in. Investing in a backpack will give you extra carrying capacity but if you're grabbing everything you see you'll still run out of space pretty quickly.

By increasing your Mercantile skill to level 3 you will receive gold from junk items you destroy, and crucially this reveals the amount of gold you will recover before you destroy each item, allowing you to determine their value so you can decide which are worth keeping to sell later and scrap the rest.

If you have any stolen items to sell then head to Star Camp and join the Travellers - after completing their initial mission you can fence any contraband items with the trader in the camp.

Regenerate Your Health

Large stone Shrines are found throughout the world of Amalur, and are marked by green dots on your minimap. Activating these bestows a blessing on your character for a certain amount of time, based on the symbol marked on the Shrine. Seek out those with a cross shaped symbol, such as the Shrine of Mitharu inside the Mission in Gorhart, as they provide a regeneration blessing to recover your health and allows you to stockpile health potions for later battles.


Regularly Check Your Stats

Regularly review your weapons and armour to ensure you have the best items equipped, especially if you're doing a lot of looting. The sword and shield icons to the right of the item will tell you the damage and armour rating for each one, and to make managing your inventory easier you can move your unwanted equipment to junk and sell it later. Weapons and armour receive damage over time and although their effectiveness is not degraded, if their level is reduced to zero they will be destroyed - so make sure you visit a Blacksmith to repair these items as often as possible.

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