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Darkness 2 review - 7/10 in Edge

"The visceral horror shooter returns with a greater focus on action"

Darkness 2 reviews are popping up all over the internet today and so far it seems Digital Extremes' sequel is being favourably received.


In our Darkness 2 review we call the follow-up a "stylish, violent shooter wrapped up in a touching plot and lovely, graphic-novel visuals."

Most reviewers in our The Darkness 2 review round-up seem to agree. The latest to add its voice to the choir is Edge, which has awarded it a 7/10.

The review opens praising the game's visuals, a cel-shaded look that it says is "more faithful to its comic-book source material" then the previous game.

"Faces are better animated, their features more pronounced, and everything's outlined in thick strokes of ink; you'd be forgiven for feeling that if you're playing a sequel to anything, it's Ubisoft's XIII. It's a striking change, but just the first and most obvious way in which The Darkness II differs from its forebear."

Although Edge describes much of The Darkness 2 as "earnestly dumb" it gives a thumbs up to the game's "smart" storytelling.

It finishes up by saying "gunplay is rock solid, and your evolving Darkness powers encourage experimentation, elevating what would otherwise be a rote shooter. And while the screenshots suggest a hyper-violent fantasy take on the well-worn Mafia tale, The Darkness II is a love story at its core"

"It's derivative, gratuitous and needlessly profane, but beneath the gruesome veneer lies a tale of - believe it or not - genuine tenderness."

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