Kinect Star Wars release date set for April

Limited edition 'R2-D2' Xbox 360 also confirmed

Microsoft's confirmed Kinect Star Wars and the limited edition 'R2-D2' Xbox 360 will release in the UK on April 3 for £39.99 and £349.99 respectively.

The Xbox 360 exclusive was originally due to be released as part of Microsoft's Christmas 2011 line-up, but it was delayed in order to achieve its "full potential," according to Microsoft.

In addition to the previously announced Jedi, Podracing and Rancor modes, LucasArts has today confirmed new additions to the game, including:

  • New experiences within Jedi Destiny Mode, including:
    • Space battles: As you travel the Galaxy to face an evil that threatens to undermine the fabric of the Republic, you'll engage with forces of the Empire in intense space battles
    • Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders: Pilot iconic Speeder Bikes and Landspeeders on your epic journey
    • New duels: Battle opponents like Count Dooku and Darth Vader on your journey to become a Jedi
  • New Duels of Fate mode, a battle-by-battle experience to sharpen your Jedi skills against the Dark Side.
  • New Galactic Dance Off mode loaded with Star Wars-themed pop tunes where those still honing their Jedi skills can take a break to battle Darth Vader on the dance floor or bust a move "Solo style."

Yes, you read that correctly - Galactic Dance Off mode. Now, let us all erase it from our minds and focus on the sexy Xbox.

The limited edition console bundle also features a C-3PO unlockable for Dance Mode, says Microsoft.

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