Valve puts Portal 2's Space Core in Skyrim

Take Nolan North with you on your adventure

To celebrate the opening of the Steam Workshop for Skyrim, Valve has released a Space Core mod for Bethesda's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1 sees everyone's favourite robot core voiced by Nolan North plunge from the world of Portal 2 into Skyrim.

Skyrim wanderers will be able to take the "aggressively space-centric little robot" along for the ride across Tamriel.

Here's what Valve has to say about it:

"Also, since Skyrim was the only major release of 2011 without Nolan North in it, you should consider this mod a patch to fix that problem. You can now feel free to include Skyrim in the 'Nolan North' section of your video game library, which is to say, your video game library."


Good call.

The: Skyrim Creation Kit mod tools released on Steam earlier this week also includes a high-res texture pack, which is "allowing players to experience Skyrim as you've never seen it before."