Minecraft: Crazy man recreates World of Warcraft

Full-scale version of Kalimdor in development

A Minecraft devotee has recreated a full-scale version of World of Warcraft's Kalimdor inside Minecraft.


The impressive feat is the pet project of a fella going by the name 'Rumsey', who has said the creation of the world is "largely automated by custom software" which he has developing.

Alright, he didn't place every block with his own hands, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. It's World of Warcraft in Minecraft...

According to Rumsey, Minecraft's default height limit has been the major speed bump in the process so far.

"Many zones exceed 128 blocks, so I've needed to use mods to increase the height limit. Once I'm satisfied with the quality of the maps, they will most likely be hosted online."

Although he's only given Kalimdor the Minecraft treatment so far, he's said "the same process will be used to re-create the entire game, including all continents and dungeons." God speed, young Minecrafter.

In other kind-of-Minecraft-related news, Notch has offered to help Double Fine Productions make Psychonauts 2.

[ SOURCE: Minecraft Forum ]