True Crime: Hong Kong is 'Sleeping Dogs' - Report

Renamed open-world title set for August release, leak reveals

Missing in action ex-Activision title, True Crime: Hong Kong has been renamed 'Sleeping Dogs' by new publisher Square Enix.


That's according to retailer Future Shop (via Sixth Axis), which tweeted - and then removed - an image of the logo alongside an August 2012 release date, supposedly from a Destination PlayStation event in the US.

[UPDATE: Sleeping Dogs is official. Go watch the new live action trailer.]

A Sleeping Dogs trademark by Square Enix was spotted last month, mistakenly associated with a new Kane & Lynch.

The United Front Games (ModNation Racers) developed title was axed by former publisher Activision early last year.

The game remains in production at the Vancouver-based studio but the project's now being overseen by Square Enix London Studios, the publisher announced last summer.

The open-world title's since been confirmed for a 2012 release date, but that's the last we've heard.

True Crime: Hong Kong was playable from start to finish and "virtually complete" in terms of content before Activision canned it, United Front Games told CVG in a studio visit shortly before the announcement.

We were one of the last publications in the world to see the game before its 'death' under Activision. Read our True Crime: Hong Kong impressions for an idea of how it was shaping up.

[ SOURCE: Sixth Axis ]