Ridge Racer Unbounded 'Day One Edition' detailed

New cars and paint jobs at no extra cost

Namco Bandai Europe has detailed the 'Day One Edition' for Ridge Racer Unbounded.


The special box will be available at the standard retail price and features in-game content such as The Ghoster, a low rider coupe car; The Immortal, a sports racer; and the The Road Wolf, a sixties inspired coupe.

Also included are additional paint jobs for a few of the in-game cars. Each option represents a different Namco Bandai property; there's Galaga for the Hurricana CX; Pac-Man for the Kinghawk GT; Tekken for the Crimson TT; Ace Combat for the Sylvian Type 8; and SoulCalibur for the Wolfseye GT.

Those who pre-order Ridge Racer Unbounded at GAME will get the car from the first Ridge Racer; The Hearse; the Ridge Racer Type 4; the Ridge Racer 7; El Mariachi, another coupe; and The Gallows, a hot rod.

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