SCEE deflects queries on UMD Passport for EU

Will the PSP-to-Vita game transferal service make it to UK?

Sony UK has declined to confirm whether or not the UMD Passport program will make be available for EU Vita buyers.


Sony of America disappointed US gamers this week when it confirmed that it will not be carrying the currently Japan-only UMD Passport program when Vita lands Stateside on February 22.

While this would make it seem likely that EU Vita owners will also miss out on the PSP-to-Vita game transferring feature, SCEE isn't yet prepared to confirm either way.

"We've not made any announcement about the program in the UK and Europe as yet," a Sony rep has told Eurogamer. "We'll let you know as and when that changes."

We take that as a 'no' for now, then.

The UMD Passport program allows Japanese gamers to insert UMD games into their old PSPs to register them with their PSN accounts, and then download applicable titles to Vita for a small additional fee.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]