Battlefield 3: Aftershock hits iOS for free

EA quietly launches new FPS in conjunction with Act of Valor

You'd think EA would make noise about a free-to-play Battlefield 3 arriving on iOS, yet it's instead chosen to quietly sneak the shooter onto iTunes without a whisper.


Battlefield 3: Aftershock is available now via the iOS app store and, you'll be pleased to hear, it's free.

Aftershock is an online multiplayer first-person shooter, named after the blockbuster console/PC FPS but oddly tied in with the upcoming movie Act of Valor.

It's a fairly small package, with only one map, five guns and one mode (and void of the previously expected single-player campaign).

For nil pounds and nil pence it'd surely worth a shot, but reviews so far aren't particularly praising.

We'll be hoping for a lot more from the Mass Effect: Infiltrator iOS game EA announced yesterday.

[ SOURCE: iTunes ]