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Street Fighter X Tekken: A fighting game experience like no other

We go hands-on with the Gem system...

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Street Fighter X Tekken's most ambitious - and controversial - feature is the Gem system. It allows players to pick three power ups that can drastically change the way the game plays by briefly altering a character's properties or by compensating for the a player's weaknesses.

Assist Gems stay active throughout the fight and fill holes in a player's ability set by automatically performing certain actions or making them easier to execute. However, each Gem comes with a drawback to maintain a balance.


'Easy Input' simplifies special move inputs but the character's damage output is decreased by 10 percent; 'Super Easy Input' allows special moves to be executed using single directions and a button but limits the amount of moves the player has access to; 'Auto Throw Escape' will defend against grabs but will permanently reduce your Cross Gauge by a third, as will 'Auto Block'; 'Cancel Assist' makes cancelling specials a cinch but carries a ten percent damage reduction with it.

The second variety of Gems modify the attributes of a character and can apply to attack, defence, speed and the cross gauge. However, each Boost Gem also has stat reductions, activation conditions, short active durations or other negatives to keep them balanced.

For example 'Immense Power Lvl 2' provides a 20 percent increase to damage for 15 seconds but decreases movement speed by ten percent. Another permutation of Immense Power is activated when a launcher connects, so is usually depleted very early on in the battle. 'Iron Wall Lvl 2' reduces incurred damage by 20 percent for 15 seconds but damage dealt is decreased by ten percent and it only activates when the fighter is hit by eight normal attacks.

The other available Boost Gems are 'Fortitude', which cuts incurred damage; 'Divine Speed', which increases movement speed; 'Life Force', which gradually restores health; 'Harmonize', which instantly restores health; 'Onslaught', which increases the rate at which the Cross Gauge is filled; and 'Proficiency', which reduces how much of the Cross Gauge is used for moves. According to Capcom it has balanced the various Gems so no set is more powerful than another.

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