Ridge Racer Vita gets free day-1 DLC

Will have new cars, music and race tracks

Namco Bandai will be rewarding early purchasers of Ridge Racer for PlayStation Vita with free DLC.


Early copies of Ridge Racer will contain a 'Ridge Racer Gold Pass' that grants players access to five extra cars, three race courses, two additional music tracks and an 'extended music mix'.

The DLC will be available for free with boxed and digital copies of Ridge Racer Vita up until March 31, after which you'll have to cough up €6.99 for it. Namco is planning to release more DLC in April through a Silver Pass.

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Earlier this week Namco Bandai Europe detailed the 'Day One Edition' for Ridge Racer Unbounded. The special edition will be available at the standard retail price and feature a number of extra vehicles to tear around in.