Bethesda 'Game Jam' video teases potential Skyrim DLC

Mountable dragons, giant mudcrab bosses, Kinect-enabled shouts and more

Bethesda's Todd Howard has hinted at potential Skyrim DLC by showing off some of the fruits of the company's week-long 'Game Jam', an annual tradition that lets developers at the studio go wild with their imaginations on company time.


The video below features a range of creations, including mountable dragons, giant mudcrab bosses, Kinect-enabled shouts, mounted combat on horses and seasonal foliage, among many others.

They were described by game director Howard as experiments, but some of them could be released down the line. He said (via Joystiq): "How much of this stuff sees the light of day? To be determined. Could it be in a future DLC? We don't know. Could various parts of it just be released for free? We don't know."

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In December, Howard said Skyrim DLC will be focused on "ways to make the game better, not just have more, because the game is so big". Like Bethesda's previous games, there'll be multiple DLC packs with "a lot of meat on them".

Microsoft has secured Xbox 360 timed exclusive releases for the first two DLC add-ons for Skyrim.

Here's what we want to see from Skyrim DLC.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]