5 most disappointing sequels ever

Games so bad they made us cry a little bit...

Sequels are a fantastic opportunity for developers to build upon successes and fix the failures of previous titles, and take our favourite characters on fantastic new adventures.

But then there are the sequels that ruin our beloved franchises by taking a big old dump on everything that made previous games good.

Here's five sequels that we felt were disappointing follow-ups to great games. As always give us your picks in the comments below....

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was a charming and fresh adventure game when it was released in 2003, and most critics agreed that it was one of the years top titles.

But for some god forsaken reason, whether a decision by the developers or the executives, they decided to turn Prince of Persia in to a dark, gritty action game with decapitations - the complete opposite of what a Prince of Persia game should be.


Away with sandy Persia! Warrior Within takes place on the Island of Time, a more fitting name would be the Island of brown with dashes of grey. In case our poorly constructed joke isn't getting the message across here's what we're trying to say: visually, it was a turd.

It also did away with the witty and likeable Prince of the first game, the Prince in Warrior Within wasn't happy go lucky so much as grumpy go killy. His fourth line in the game -"You bitch!" - accurately sums up our feelings on the sequel.

Warrior Within wasn't necessarily a bad game - it played pretty similarly to Sands of Time after all - it just took an unnecessary turn in direction. The original creator of Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, even said the game "sucks, and I hope everyone involved in the development of that title perishes in an unfortunate accident involving super glue, bird seed, and a cage full of mutant cassowaries."

Well, actually he said 'it wasn't to his taste', which to us is more or less wishing a killer bird-based death upon the developers.

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