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Diablo 3 release date inbound

Huge changes made following recent closed beta

Blizzard has committed to a release window for Diablo 3 - "targeting" a Q2 2012 release for the long-awaited title.


This was just confirmed during Blizzard's fourth quarter and calendar year 2011 earnings call, after months of stubborn silence surrounding the game's release.

This window pins Diablo 3's release for any time from April to June.

The publisher also significant changes made to the game since the beta. "After receiving feedback from the community and our internal teams, we've implemented changes to the game which we believe will greatly improve the game experience and ensure that the final release will live up to our high expectations," said the publisher during the call.

Blizzard's community manager Micah Whiple, aka Bashiok, was recently forced to dismiss retailer listings that suggested Diablo 3 will be released this month.