Bungie 'making incredible progress' on new universe

Activision promises a "genre-defining new IP"

Former Halo developer Bungie is "making incredible progress" with its new top-secret game for Activision, says the publisher.


Activision and Bungie continue to keep their collaborative new title shrouded in secrecy, but those waiting anxiously to see what the Halo boys can do without Master Chief may take comfort in Activision's beaming optimism.

"We continue to lay the foundation for our new universe from Bungie, one of the world's best developers," said Activision during an earnings call today.

"Bungie continues to make incredible progress on what we expect to be a genre-defining new IP that will provide us with tremendous new opportunities, and which remains one of our key strategic growth pillars for the future," it added.

We've seen and heard nothing of the game besides some entirely unrevealing stills and a logo teased during a Bungie dev diary from last August.