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Dead Space 3: What we want to see

These are our ideas - but what do you want from Dead Space 3?

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Make it scarier


Dead Space does a very good job of making you jump, but we feel it doesn't quite create a feeling of pure horror and dread when ever we play it.

It definitely has its moments of tension, such as the first time we encountered the regenerating necromorph and quickly realised we couldn't kill it, but the scares never reach that point of making us fumble for the pause button and sit there for several minutes, breathing heavily, attempting to calm our nerves. We think the problem is that Visceral Games believes that excessive gore equals horror - not so. An alien baby crawling in to its mothers arms before exploding in to a shower of blood admittedly took us by surprise, but again it's a jump scare.

It's more "Ah! Damn, that got me good." rather than "OH CRAP! TURN THIS THING OFF!" and hammering the power button on your machine, and it just feels a bit cheap because of it.

We think a less action-orientated approach to gameplay could work. Of course, don't get rid of the satisfying dismemberment completely. Just have less combat encounters and more genuine scares - making a loud noise all of a sudden doesn't count. Include more build up to the scares and more tension in the air. Make us dread entering each room and turning every corner.

Dead Space has some of the best atmosphere and ambient audio in a game this generation, so it would be nice to see the game use it to its full potential.

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