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Super Meat Boy being 'rebuilt' for touch-screen devices

Possible smartphone release on the cards

The developers of Team Meat have announced that a new Super Meat Boy game built for touch screen devices is in the works.


According to several Twitter posts from the developer, the new touch-controlled game will be built from scratch specifically for mobile touch devices, and "we wont make a game with shitty touch controls", - those on-screen buttons we all hate.

Apparently the game won't play like Super Meat Boy, but "wont be a simple game like "doodle jump" it will be a larger more traditional game".

The developer goes on to hint: "If you liked SMB im sure you will enjoy this (if its good enough to continue on :) ) we just had a few cool ideas and wanted a challenge."

Super Meat Boy's success will have put smiles on the faces of its indie developers, having passed a million sales last month.

[ SOURCE: Via Joystiq ]