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Ridge Racer Unbounded delayed

Release of Namco's racer slips by four weeks to the end of March

Ridge Racer Unbounded's release date has been pushed back by almost a month from a previously targeted March 2 launch to March 30.


The news arrived in a press release detailing the 'Day One Edition' of the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 racer, which is in development at Finnish studio Bugbear Entertainment, best know for the FlatOut titles, and also responsible for the underappreciated PSP racer Sega Rally Revo.

Explaining the delay, publisher Namco said in a statement (via Game Smack): "The development team felt they needed a little bit of extra time to optimise the game."

Bugbear has taken the "drive dangerously" gimmick of the Burnout series - and some of the more thrilling Need For Speeds - to its ludicrously destructive conclusion with Ridge Racer Unbounded. Learn more about the series' new direction in this recent Ridge Racer Unbounded preview.

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[ SOURCE: Game Smack ]