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Binary Domain multiplayer trailer shoots in

How the squad-based shooter will play out online

Sega has sent over a new multiplayer trailer for Binary Domain.


Development of the original squad-based third person shooter is being headed up by Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi. Set for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 24, the sci-fi tale puts players in the middle of a battle for humanity in robot-invaded 2080 Tokyo. Check out a recent story trailer here for more details.

Binary Domain includes a range of multiplayer modes, which are detailed below the movie.

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  • DATA CAPTURE: Here each team must race to capture the other's data module. This must then be returned to the team console in order to steal the data and score. A strong balance of classes and good teamwork are needed here to ensure you have runners, carriers and defenders in key locations. (Supports up to 10 players.)
  • DOMAIN CONTROL: In this mode opposing teams must race to control as much ground as possible, with key strategic points needing to be held by one team against another. The more points you hold at any one time, the greater your teams score. Good co-ordination and movement are key to winning this mode. (Supports up to 10 players.)
  • TEAM SURVIVAL: A straight forward game of last-man-standing withthe team to have the last player remaining being crowned the winner! Skilled attackers and patient defenders are equally valuable in this mode. (Supports up to 10 players.)
  • OPERATION: Here one team must defend a set of supplies and another must race to destroy them. A sequence of progressive objectives keeps the goals varied and requires adaptability on behalf of defenders and attackers. At the end of the round, teams swap and play the opposing role. (Supports up to 10 players.)
  • INVASION: Working co-operatively players must unite and defeat progressively harder waves of robot attackers. All skills and styles are tested here as a variety of robot enemies are thrown at you in increasing numbers and difficulty. (Supports up to 4 players.)
  • TEAM DEATHMATCH: No Multiplayer would be complete without Team Deathmatch! Teams must kill their opposition as often as possible before the time runs out, when it does the team with the highest frag count wins. The most simple and direct test of team skill. (Supports up to 10 players.)
  • FREE FOR ALL: Bring chaos and destruction to the world of Binary Domain with Free For All mode. Fight across a variety of maps, in an every man for himself scenario of destruction. Kill everyone else as often as possible, the player with the highest score at the end of the round wins! (Supports up to 10 players.)