PS Vita launch game reviews go live

All our first-party PS Vita reviews rounded up...

Last month we managed to get our hands on Sony's new handheld and posted our PS Vita review.

Moments ago we did the same for a number games you'll be able to buy when Vita launches on February 22.

We've delivered our verdicts on Wipeout 2048; : Little Deviants; Uncharted Golden Abyss; Reality Fighters; and ModNation Racers. Here's a round-up...

  • WipeOut 2048 review: 8.6 - Wipeout leads the pack of PS Vita racers. New modes lack imagination, but visuals are killer and the campaign always offers new events and objectives to fulfill. A Vita must-buy.
  • Little Deviants review: 6.3 - Well-meaning and well-executed to a point, but it swims at the shallow end of the pool. Little Deviants is a game to play with rose-tinted launch goggles firmly on your face.
  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 8.7 - Not quite up the standard of the PS3 games in either narrative or visual stakes - but then what it is? A triumphant outing for Drake, and Vita's best launch title.
  • Reality Fighters review: 6.5 - A mediocre fighter bolted to exceptional customisation. If nothing else, it shows what the PS Vita could be capable of in the hands of a frontline developer.
  • ModNation Racers Roadtrip review: 7.5 - Touch controls give ModNation newfound oomph and there's a compelling content system in place - but a lack of identity tempers things.

    Any of these games interest you?