US 3G Vitas get free Super Stardust Delta

Sony dangles more carrots to lure you towards the pricier Vita

Sony really wants you to buy the 3G Vita. So much so that it's offering yet another perk for 3G Vita buyers - a free game.


US 3G Vita buyers will be able to snag themselves a free copy of Super Stardust Delta and its DLC content when they activate a monthly data plan with AT&T.

This is the latest of Sony's considerable efforts to lure you towards the more expensive 3G Vita, having previously announced an "extremely limited edition" launch day 3G bundle that adds a free 8GB memory card, a PSN game and an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass for 250GB to the 3G package.

Vodaphone, the 'preferred' 3G Vita service prover in UK, also recently announced a data plan activation incentive in the form of a free copy of WipEout 2048.

February 22 is the big day.

[ SOURCE: Via Gamasutra ]