Home finally lets you fight each other

Square-go in the Street Fighter X Tekken space

At last, there will be a place in Home that will let you punch other users in the face.


It comes thanks to Capcom and its 'Street Fighter x Tekken Total Game Integration event', which first kicks off tomorrow with the offer of some free DLC for the game.

As Sony explains: "Head to the Hub to pre-order Street Fighter x Tekken from PlayStation Home and receive the Boost Gem Trial Pack 1 bundle when it ships. This gem pack increases your Vitality, Defense and Cross Gauge meter build-up speed."

Next week comes the real treat - a mini game that will let you take your Home avatars into fights against other users, giving you the perfect place to head when one of Home's many adolescent users says "your mum".

According to Sony, "complete all 10 SFxTK challenges in Home to unlock Ryu and Kazuya costumes, which will allow you to throw fireballs and perform custom jump kick attacks."

Sounds pretty sweet.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]