The 11 best PS Vita launch games

Going to buy a PS Vita? Then you'll also need these games.

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Sony has made much of how the PS Vita's graphics-crunching capabilities aren't too far behind those of the PS3 - and FIFA 12 offers a graphical illustration that it isn't lying. It looks uncannily like the PS3 version of EA Sports' all-conquering football game - and plays pretty much like it, too, thanks mainly to the PS Vita's dual analogue sticks.

There are some sops to the PS Vita's extra abilities, such as sending through-balls pinging up to your strikers with a swipe of your index finger, or using the rear touch-pad to place penalties. But more than anything, it provides a startlingly authentic FIFA experience that you take everywhere with you.

ModNation Racers: Roadtrip


If you like creating your own games, you've probably come across ModNation Racers on the PS3, and are therefore aware that it's best described as DIY Mario Kart. Roadtrip is pretty much a full version 2 of the game, shoe-horned into the PS Vita. It's all about cartoon-style kart-racing, with mad power-ups.

But the twist is that you can design your own circuits, using a great application called Track Creator which, on the PS Vita, lets you paint tracks and background settings with the touch-screen and manipulate the scenery with the rear touch-pad. Plus there's a full single-player game. Reckon you'd make a good games developer? Here's your chance to find out whether you're being unduly optimistic.

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Virtua Tennis 4

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Everyone knows that Sega's tennis franchise is simply unbeatable. So we're dead grateful to the company for ensuring that Virtua Tennis 4 is ready for the PS Vita's launch.

Like FIFA 12, it looks startlingly similar to its grown-up PS3 cousin, and can be played in a more or less identical manner, too. Although there is the obligatory support for the front and rear touch-screens/pads, should that float your boat. Now you can sit on the bus and pretend to be Maria Sharapova, ear-splitting grunts and all. That should give the teenage sodcasters pause for thought.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony


Tetsuya Mizuguchi's much-loved puzzler is best described as Tetris on acid. And Lumines: Electronic Symphony, which was custom-designed for the PS Vita, is good enough to add to the franchise's legendary nature.

It comes with Mizuguchi's trademark trancey, electronic soundtrack, plus graphics which are even more eye-popping than before (like Ray Man: Origins, they are actually 3D masquerading as 2D). A new XP system renders the game far more accessible to newcomers, who can also use the touch-screen to control the action. Simultaneously soothing and trippy.

Escape Plan

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There's something about black-and-white games: think Vib-Ribbon and Limbo. This wacky monochorome puzzler features two individuals called Lil and Laarg, trying to escape from a sinister facility booby-trapped with all manner of mechanical and electrical hazards - you control their movements using the touch-screen and rear pad. It's inventive and amusing and because it's a download-only game, will set you back a mere £9.99. Escape Plan is far more imaginative than many of the PS Vita's full-priced games.

Little Deviants

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